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    • August 18, 2017WINNEBAGO COUNTY FAIR - Pecatonica, IL
    • August 20, 20178:00 pm - EDISON PARK FEST - Edison Park, IL
    • August 25, 2017PRIVATE EVENT
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Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions that we seem to answer over and over again! Hope they help.
You can E-mail us at booking@mikeandjoe.com or call Joe Valentino at 317-696-0399


What kind of music does Mike and Joe play?

Mike and Joe are a regional cover band that plays modern rock music. The bulk of the setlist is music from the 90’s through today. The band does play a handful of songs from the 70’s and 80’s if the event calls for it. And let me say this again…we are a cover band. We play cover music, and you and your audience will know the words to all of the songs we play.

Does the band play at private or corporate events?

Yes, the band does play corporate events and private functions. Just e-mail us the date and location of your event booking@mikeandjoe.com, and we will send you pricing and other info.

Can I get a setlist to review?

Yes, a general setlist is available for your review by request. Please e-mail and ask for a current list.

Modern Rock sounds like heavy music that will scare my audience. Are you guys “Heavy?”

No, the band does not play “heavy metal,” or “hard rock,” music. We do ROCK, dont get me wrong, but none of it is very aggressive or scary. Its fun!

For my corporate event or festival, I have to please a wide age range. In fact I have to worry about pleasing the crowd as well as my committee! Will this band be a good choice for me?

This band has successfully pleased more festival and corporate audiences than most bands in the country. We write a new setlist every night, and for festival events we do include a broader range of music to appeal to the wide age range of people who attend festival events. We have played countless city and suburban fests for hundreds of thousands of people, and we understand that festival events need to be broadly appealing AND family friendly. We have got it covered.

For corporate or private events, we will write a setlist that is suitable for the age range you anticipate at your event.

What kind of crowd can you bring to my festival?

Well, I will try to be brief here. We spend much of the year in college towns so we will appeal to that younger demographic. However, there are also generations of college graduates who used to see us in college who will come out with their families to see us in their town. Many fests book the same acts each year. Those acts often play to the crowd of local citizens who are already going to come to your fest no matter what bands you have. That can lead to a kind of stale lineup and a fest that needs refreshing. We are often hired by festivals who want to rejuvenate interest in their event, draw younger people, and give a bump to beer sales. We will breathe a little life into your fest. Slightly younger people will come out to see us, they will stay until the end, and they will try to drink all the beer you have to sell! Older audience members will also enjoy the familiar festival-friendly songs we include in our set list. The excitement level will be high, the registers will be full, and your committee will be happy. That’s what kind of crowd!

For corporate or private events, we will write a setlist that is suitable for the age range you anticipate at your event.

For how long does the band play?

The short answer is, whatever makes the event work. That is what we will do. We can play one long set, two shorter ones, three sets….whatever. We do not charge more or less for playing longer or shorter. You tell us what you need to make your event successful, we will do our best to accommodate.

How far will the band travel?

We will play anywhere in the country if it’s a show in which we are interested. For shows outside of the Indiana, Illinois region, travel costs may apply.

How much does it cost to hire Mike & Joe?

There is not “A” price for the band. Pricing depends on a lot of things including the date, location, and type of event. We would need some details about your event (booking@mikeandjoe.com) in order to give you an idea about the cost of the band.

Do you have all of your own equipment or do we need to provide 
that for you?

We can provide whatever is needed. We can provide staging, sound, lighting, and power if its not provided at the venue. There may be additional costs for arranging production, and that will be discussed upon learning the details of the event.

Do you have a promo kit you can send?

We no longer carry “paper” press kits. All of that information is available right here where you are now; under the BOOKING link on this site. Please click through the links for information. Print what is necessary if you need hard copies for a presentation. If for some reason you feel that it is necessary to have a physical CD sent in order to make a presentation or to sell the band, we can send one to you by request. That CD (similar to the audio and video on this site) is a LIVE recording and NOT a STUDIO recording. What you hear, both on this site and on the CD, is what the audience heard that night, and it will give you a very good idea about how the band sounds live. Its easy to make a nice recording in a recording studio. Its a little more revealing to record it live, and that’s how we like it:)

How can I get more information?

You can send questions or requests to booking@mikeandjoe.com or you can call Joe Valentino 
at 317-696-0399.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!